African Linked Foundation is committed to providing accurate, and reliable DNA Screening & Tracing. Your generous Donation(s) will assist ALF in making DNA Screening and Tracing affordable, for all the Diaspora who are interested in learning their heritage, through our DNA Screening and Tracing.


African Linked Foundation is committed to our Greenhouse Initiative to establish Hydroponic Agricultural GreenHouses throughout the Continent. With your generous Donation(s) together we can provide sustainable Greenhouses to the Continent.


African Linked Foundation through our strategic partner Eco-Gen Energy JouleBox, can provide energy to any remote area in the World. The Joule Box Power Station is portable, efficient, and can be effective in any environment. Each unit is 60kW which will produce 525,600 kWh annually.

The ECO-GEN Joule Box Power Station and just a few solar panels provide all the energy needed. Any Village, or City can have its own generators on site that continually produce energy using a new patented and patent pending design that re-defines the way renewable energy is generated. This new high-tech design provides a combination of conventional solar panels with an integrated generator to provide you with power 24 hours a day, rain, or shine. With your generous Donation(s) ALF can assist in making the JouleBox affordable, and provide sufficient energy anywhere on the Continent. 

Affordable Housing

African Link Foundation, (ALF) provides a affordable housing solution, through one of our strategic partnership (ALF) can provide affordable housing, anywhere on the Continent.

The manufacturers have developed a revolutionary method of constructing high-quality, affordable housing Structures made with Sustainable Materials. ALF Partner has prefabricated structures for basic installation, or we can combine those structures to suit the needs of the Family. These Affordable Housing Units are desperately needed on the Continent, and the Units can be installed in any remote area, with your generous Donation (ALF) can begin distributing and installing the Affordable Housing units on the Continent.

Solar ColdBox

The Aldelano Solar ColdBox is an industrial-grade, portable, solar-powered cold storage mini-warehouse that provides a completely renewable power source, refrigeration and freezing capacity, as well as water and ice production by utilizing molecules from the air and the power of the sun.

Ideal for remote locations and with virtually no operating costs, the Aldelano Solar ColdBox can be deliverable virtually anywhere on the Continent. with your generous Donation(s) together we can help eradicate hunger, provide clean water, and energy.