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It is with great honor, to formally invite you to attend our 3rd Annual “African Linked ” Diplomatic Gala on October 24th, 2021 • 5 PM-8 PM, to present the Keynote Speech on behalf of Union Nations Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder of iChange Nations, as he Honors our Distinguished Recipients for their contributions to help Eradicate Poverty and Uplift Humanity.  
In association with the African Linked & Pan African Trade and Services, our main objective is to Change the Narrative by establishing a strong economic Africa uniting the global Diaspora community to Make Africa Great Again.
When: Oct 24, 2021 • 5PM-8PM
Where: New Direction Banquet Hall 8678 Archibald Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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Brain trust

African Linked connects the best minds in science, technology, engineering, medicine, artificial intelligence throughout the global African Diaspora and YOU in one assembly through innovation and social engineering for the betterment of all.


Technology is transforming Africa’s manufacturing, industrialization, economic diversification, and resilience.  Become a part of the solutions being applied throughout the continent in communications, energy, infrastructure, medicine, finance, and education.

the land . the people . the resources

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80 percent of the world population has SOME FORM of faith; “Worldwide, more than eight-in-ten people identify with a religious group,” In 230 countries There are 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, representing 80 percent of the world population of 6.9 billion,” Does faith matter in the world? Yes, it does. 7 billion people are hungry for God.

As the Global wealth soars to $398 trillion in 2019; the U.S. share of it is largest at $96 trillion. But By actual Natural resources, the motherland is the wealthiest and richest continent in the world by 500 trillion. Africa is a wonder in the world, A center of world economy as far back as the days of Egypt in the Bible…The world has gotten wealthy because of the vast resources of Africa. The new mind of Africa is Transformation, Innovation, education, international trade, entertainment, health, import and export, and Spiritual revival of the motherland. The sons and daughters of Africa are rising from the ends of the earth to lead Africa in the 21st century.