African Linked mission is to have the world’s largest, reliable, and trusting Depository, DNA genetic, cancer genomics, trugenomix, pharmacogenomics screening throughout the African diaspora linking every African- Diaspora that is interested in learning, their roots, heritage, place of origin, village, tribe, custom, culture, lineage, etc. on the continent of Africa. Objectively to unite the Pan-African Diaspora, one with the motherland, invoking a sense of belonging, to take ownership, and respond to the call to action, to Make Africa Great Again.

By contributing their talent and time, and bringing their brain trust back to the continent, in science, technology, education, engineering, medicine, business, construction, artificial intelligence, etc. for the development of Africa and all African people.

African Linked is proposing to make a significant difference, by leveraging its unique position to effect real change on the continent, and in the African diaspora, through its vast networks, resources, and the brain trust of the diaspora, the goal is to galvanize the brightest minds in every industry across the spectrum to provide their expertise, and their wealth of knowledge, to making Africa Great Again for all of Africa’s, children, and with a strong united coalition of Africans nations, and the African Diaspora, we are certain we can achieve some lofty goals, the essential goal is to unify the Pan-African Diaspora, by invoking a sense of belonging, and enacting an aggressive campaign, that encourages unity, solidarity, brotherhood, and African pride, and a strong call to action. To Make The Africa we want