Ubuntu is our coming together mantra. I am because we are one that embraces us as we reach out to one another as brother and sister to come together as one.


African Linked uses your DNA to take you home to your nation, your village, your tribe, your family. Your journey ends at your starting point. Start your walk with your heritage and begin your adventure of discovery by becoming a digital citizen… Welcome to African Linked!



Purchase your maternal and/or paternal test kit from our online store and you will receive your African Linked test kit in 4-6 weeks.



Once you receive your test kit, simply swab the inside of your cheek using the swabs provided and return your DNA sample in our, Afircan Linked confidential packaging, via the prepaid envelope supplied.



Upon receiving your African Linked DNA sample, our laboratory extracts your DNA’s genetic sequence. Then our scientists compare your sequence to determine your country of origin.



Approximately 8-10 weeks after you submit your DNA sample, you’ll receive your results package with your Digital Passport of Ancestry, and from there, your journey into self-discovery truly begins.

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Join the African Linked community as we unite and help Africa build a stable and peaceful Africa with inclusive societies for sustainable development that benefits the world.

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