African Linked foundation was conceived , from its Admiration, Appreciation and Love of Africa, Africans, African culture, and the African- Diaspora. after missions of Humanitarian efforts in South Africa and Uganda, Currently Malawi, and Ethiopia, Gave confirmation what ALF life purpose and greater calling is, the Building of Gods Kingdom.
African linked Foundation mission is to Change Nations assist in the(Exodus) the return to Africa, and Making Africa Great Again.

African Linked is a conduit in many areas, we work to change nations, through a coalition of local, State, and International governing bodies, Strategic Partnership, Trade Agreements, Import & Export, Development, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Opportunity, Economic creation etc.

We advocate against Oppression, Neo-Colonialism, Imperialism, Genocide, Systemic Racism, Human Rights Abuses ,Inequality, Pillaging, and Exploitation of the Continent resources, etc.